Pit Bulls are Wrongly Labeled as Aggressive


By Maddie Woodcock , Student Life Editor

People have been terrified of pit bulls for years, but is this fear reasonable.  I do not think that people should discriminate against pit bulls because they are labeled as aggressive.

The only reason why people label these dogs as aggressive is that they used to be used for dogfighting. This gave the dogs a bad reputation because it forced the animals to become aggressive, in order to stay alive. Meaning it’s the owners who made the dogs dangerous.

The trait of aggressiveness is not a genetic thing that is passed on to every pitbull my grandmother, for example, had a dog named chief and this dog was the sweetest dog you would have ever meet.

Cheif loved every person and animal he had ever met. He got along with my grandmother’s cats, even occasionally slept next to them. Cheif was also great with children. He was very gentle and never would snap at the kids, even if they pulled and yanked his tail.

Pit Bulls are even named “the nanny dog” because of how well they work and interact with children. In many movies you will see pit bulls with children, taking care of the children and even protecting them. For example in the Little Rascals the Pit Bull would accompany the children everywhere they went, watching them and occasionally delivering messages for them.

To lump every Pit Bull as dangerous animals is a terrible thing to do. In my mind, it is like racism for dog breeds.