Greenwood Cheerleaders Win First Place at Cheer Competition


By Maddie Woodcock , Staff Writer

Greenwood cheerleaders season was coming to an end, so they decided to finish the year with a bang. They made the decision to go to a competition called Cheer Derby in Louisville.

Cheer Derby is a huge organization funded by multiple big companies. some of its big sponsors are Crazy Pants (well-known cheer apparel company) and Under Armour. The grand prize of the competition was even donated by Under Armour. They donated $2,500 for new uniforms and brand new backpacks for the whole team.

The cheer team rented a charter bus for the big event. The bus arrived at school at 12:20, and then the office called the ecstatic girls down to the front lobby. After grabbing their bags from the resource room, they shuffled out the door of the school and into the bus.

Once all the girls had been packed into the bus their coach came in with some unsettling news. She told them there had been a mistake and that a certain medical waiver had not been signed by the parents because she had was never told about the waiver.

The waiver stated that the parents knew what kinds of medicine their children were taking with them. In response to the unsigned waiver, the school nurse pulled the cheerleaders off the bus and told them to tell her all the medicine that they had in their bags.

Once they had given up all their medicine, they loaded back on to the bus and started their journey to Louisville. The bus ride was quiet due to all the girls sleeping, the only noise was the quiet murmur of a movie.

When they arrived, the girls got settled in their hotel rooms and then went out to eat at the Cardinals Hall of Fame. The girls laughed and had fun at dinner, then went back to their hotel rooms. Most girls went to bed quickly that night due to the fact they had to wake up at 5 a.m. Central time.

In the morning, the girls loaded the bus in their clean uniforms and bows and headed to the competition.  When they arrived, they headed to go watch Drakes Creek’s team perform. Drakes cheer team did an amazing job and stuck everything (they ended up winning second place in their division).  After seeing their future cheerleaders perform, they headed to the warmup room.

In the warmup room, a couple of their stunts and tumbling didn’t stick, but cheer captain Claudia Hobbs reminded them “We [would] rather it fall now than on the mat.” After warming up, the girls went out on the cheer mat and gave their best performance yet.

Due to their amazing performance, the girls left with medals, a first-place trophy, jackets, and big smiles on their faces. The Greenwood cheerleaders loaded on to the bus one last time, ending their season with a weekend to remember.