Successful Day of Learning At the Swamp

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Successful Day of Learning At the Swamp

By Sophie South, Editor-in-Chief

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This past Friday, many future Gators roamed Greenwood High learning aspects about the school and about how to become a better leader in the community. Greenwood students and teacher Mrs. Bush worked to encourage and show these students what characteristics make great leaders.

Elementary and middle school students around Warren County were invited to a “Leadership Day,” held at Greenwood. While excited young students ran into the building for the fun-filled day, leaders chosen by Mrs. Bush were prepared to involve students in many activities to show them ways to become a great leader.

At this event, Greenwood students were chosen to teach a group a certain trait that each leader should have such as teamwork or determination. Other students were chosen to lead a group of students around to each station.

“I really enjoyed touring the eighth-graders because I really got to talk to them and help them have a better feel for high school before the next coming school year,” said senior Amy Ngo.

Groups of high school students chose different games and activities that incorporate their certain characteristic they chose to talk about. For example, the student council made a scavenger hunt around the school so the younger students could learn about teamwork and how to properly focus to finish the given task.

“I chose to do the art portion, and a sophomore and I were in charge of a printmaking table. This is where we taught all of the kids how to print make with different techniques including acrylic, gel, etch, and slab,” said junior Leigh Ann Young.

Throughout the day, the STLP group videotaped and created a video for students to watch at the very end of the day. This video included interviews with the younger students on their day and what a leader is, while also showing coverage of the activities these young students participated in.

Ngo also expressed how her favorite part of the day “was getting close to the students and enjoying different activities with them as well.”

“My favorite part was the candy!” said junior Carly Miller.

Although the event lasted most of the school day, students had a fun time learning new tools and leadership aspects to use in their schools and more about their future high school!

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