New York Nanny Commits Heinous Crime

By Maddie Woodcock , Student Life Editor

In October 2012, a tragedy had happened in an Upper West Side apartment. In this luxury building lived a family of five.

The mother, Marina Krim, and the father, Kevin Krim, had three children: Lulu, a six-year-old; Nessie, their three-year-old; and, Leo, their two-year-old.

Marina Krim is a stay-at-home mom who runs her own blog. She was constantly posting things about her three kids, showing off how much she truly loved her children.

Mrs. Krim realized after Leo was born that she would need help getting all three of her kids to their many events, so she decided to hire a nanny to help her. Mrs. Krim decided to hire a woman named Yoselyn Ortega.

Ms. Ortega, 50 years old, is a native from the Dominican Republic. She was with the Krims for two years. She was well-treated and always told her family that she loved to work with the Krims. They even paid for her to visit her own family in the Dominican Republic.

But that relationship didn’t stay positive for long.

While Mrs. Krim was out taking Nessie to dance practice, Ortega watched Lulu and Leo. Ortega was supposed to meet Mrs. Krim at Nessie’s dance to give her Lulu and Leo, but instead took them to the park to get ice cream.

One of the neighbors claimed that she saw them enter the apartment around five o’clock. The police said that they were dead by 5:30.

Mrs. Krim came home to a gruesome sight, both of her children dead and Ms. Ortega on the floor dying from self-inflicted wounds.

Due to Ortega self-inflicted injuries, the police had to wait awhile before getting to interrogate her. When they finally got to to interrogate her, she admitted that she had been agitated with the Krims.

“I’m paid to watch the children, not clean up and do housework,” Ms. Ortega said to a law enforcement officer who was watching over her while she was in the hospital. Mrs. Krim also had said the weeks prior to the massacre that if she didn’t improve her job they would permanently replace her.

Ms. Ortega pleaded not guilty, but a former Manhattan prosecutor, Gregory B. LeDonne, said, “She admitted that she had killed the kids and that she had used at least two knives.”