Greenwood Cheerleaders Host a Cheer Mini Camp

By Maddie Woodcock , Reporter

Do you have a a little sister or cousin that love to cheer or even just loves to run around and be active? Well the Greenwood Cheerleaders are hosting a cheer mini camp.


The camp is Saturday, february 10th. It is hosted at GreenWood high school’s gym form 9:00 AM to 12:00PM.


The cost for admission  is $30 dollars when you check in on saturday. The cost of camp includes a free shirt snack and free admission to the GHS basketball Double Header on february 16.


Cheer mini camp is an event for any ages 4-12 years old. In the camp the cheerleaders will each be assigned an age group, ensuring each child is carefully looked after.


During the camp the kids will do lots of activities. The cheerleaders will teach the kids 3 to 5 cheers. The children over 10 will be taught how to stunt and will be allowed to tumble if they know how todo a tumbling pass.  


If the child is younger they will get the opportunity to do a craft. Last time at camp the kids made pom-poms out of green and yellow table cloths.


The last 30 minutes of camp the cheerleaders and the children will review what they learned. After reviewing what they learned the parents are invited to come in and watch what they children learned.

On February 16 the kids are invited to the boy-girl doubleheader basketball game. During this time the girls will get to go out with the cheerleaders and cheer a half with them.


At the game the girls will wear the t-shirts they were given at camp. They will ge to cal cheers and perform during time outs for all the garoe fans.


Please come and support you greenwood cheerleaders February 10th, It will be a real chomp!