Justin Timberlake’s Performance at 52nd Super Bowl

By Sophie South, CO Editor-in-Chief

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This past Sunday marked the 52nd annual Super Bowl, which was a very competitive match up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. During this head to head matchup, superstar Justin Timberlake was chosen to perform the infamous halftime show.

Timberlake performed many of his personal songs including “Mirror,” “Suit and Tie,” and “Can’t Stop The Feeling” while also breaking out into dance for most of the halftime show. He also included a very intimate memorial for legendary singer Prince, singing “I Would Die 4 You” and lighting the whole city with purple lights in his honor.

Although Justin performed these classics, many viewers debated whether the show was sensational or a huge let down. Many websites such as Vulture.com and Theatlantic.com both reported how the show was “anti-spectacle” and “wasn’t memorable.”

Frank Guan, writer at Vulture.com, went on in his story how although Timberlake is beloved by all, he isn’t a ‘legend’ as many other Super Bowl performers were.

He’s a star but not a legend, and the difference is especially acute whenever risk is involved. An icon would never have abandoned Janet Jackson to the wolves, nor floated the possibility of performing alongside a hologram of Prince against the direct wishes of the late artist only to back down when challenged on it.”

The website also went on to talk about how the Eagles’ unofficial anthem by Meek Mill.

“Meek’s passionate signature song, it was clear, weighed more than Timberlake’s entire discography.”

According to theatlantic.com, the writer expresses how “Prince disliked Timberlake and believed digital resurrection to be ‘demonic.’”

On the other hand, other websites such as CNN reported differently, describing how amazing the show was.

Justin Timberlake did not disappoint on Sunday night as the Super Bowl halftime performer,” said writer Chloe Melas, who works through CNN.

Although the story showed some harsh tweets, it also showed a reassuring tweet from Sheila E, who was a lifelong friend of Prince.

Family, I spoke w/Justin 2nite and he shared heartfelt words of respect for Prince & the Purple fans. I look 4wrd 2 seeing what I’m sure is going 2 be a spectacular halftime show. There is no hologram.”


Timberlake’s Halftime show is something that has been debated ever since the performance took place. Whether you were in love with the show or absolutely despised it, it will always be apart of Super bowl history.


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