Game Review: Fortnite

By Maddie Woodcock , Reporter

Fortnite came out very recently and has quickly become one of the top played games. The game came out July 25, 2017, costing from $39.99 to $149.99. The game is now free, however, the PvE mod cost money to access at the moment.

The game started off having only one game mode. The first game mode consisted of you just being able to fight off zombies, the mode being called Save the World, but recently they introduced a new game mode, Battle Royale.

The new game mode is where you can play online against other players. In the game you begin by leaping off a flying bus and into a map and flying in to an area before deploying a glider to get to where you want to go.

The map has different cities containing different weapons and potions (to give you a shield or regain health). Some places on the map are more popular among the people who play the game, such as Retail Row, Tilted Towers, and Salty Springs. This means those places are easier to get killed at or exit the town with a lot of loot and kills.

I give this game an eight out of ten. I think it deserves this rating because of how fun and addicting it is to play. Also, because it has became so popular. I always go on Snapchat and see people posting a picture of their latest victory.

I would not make the rating any higher, however, because it has a lot of glitches that make it very easy to cheat in the game. For example, a excavator that isn’t completely filled in. This means people can hide in the excavator the whole game and no one would be able to find them. However, this isn’t much of a cheat because when that person leaves, they won’t have much good stuff compared to others.