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Seniors Say Goodbye

By Farley Wood, Reporter

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There is always something bittersweet about leaving one’s childhood behind and having to grow up. Yesterday the senior class got the chance to walk through their past one more time before they will be leaving to start the next phase of their life. The seniors spent their day on Thursday walking through all of their elementary schools and middle school in their caps and gowns, reminiscing and saying goodbye.

All of the younger kids, besides maybe the middle schoolers, were excited to see the graduates as they walked through the halls. Students from all classes lined the hallways and the kids stuck out their hands for high-fives or fist bumps. They clapped and cheered, some elementary students even cheered “Seniors!” repeatedly. Others had made up a chant saying, “We’re so proud of you!”, that would have brought almost anyone to tears. This was a great opportunity for the younger kids to see what it’s like to graduate and to give them a goal to strive towards. Not only was it good for the younger students, but the high schoolers as well.

Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”

— George R. R. Martin

Walking through their elementary schools gave seniors the chance to see their old teachers, say goodbye to them, and show off how much they’ve grown. Multiple seniors were overcome with nostalgia and couldn’t help but cry as they saw their favorite elementary teachers and got to momentarily relive the days spent at their elementary schools. Along with the seniors, it also brought back happy memories for the teachers too.

The teachers from the elementary schools also received their former students with great enthusiasm, calling out how proud they were, how much the seniors had changed, and some even reaching out to give hugs. Many teachers commented how much they enjoyed the walk through and hoped that it would become a tradition that will be continued next year.

As the seniors approach their last days at Greenwood, this was a good occasion for them to go encourage the elementary and middle school students, giving them someone to look up to and a goal to aim for. This opportunity also let the seniors visit their old stomping grounds one last time before they begin a bigger chapter in their lives.



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Seniors Say Goodbye