The Highs and Lows of the 2016-2017 School Year


By Michaela Anderson, Reporter

Like every year, the 2016-2017 school year has had it’s ups and it’s downs. There have been good things and bad things. Despite this, the balance between the good and bad is what kept this year interesting. Greenwood students were interviewed about what they felt were their highest and lowest points of the year.

“Gym class was my highest point because I get to see a lot of my friends, and every time I have an issue, they’re kind of my therapy group.” – Abby Moore, freshman

My highest point of the school year is last semester, when I got all A’s. My lowest point has to be Biology.” – Haylea Hunt, freshman.

“I don’t really have a specific high point. This entire year has been pretty good to me.” – Michelle Stewart, junior.

“Highest point was getting invited to Kentucky Ambassador’s of Music next summer.” – Ashton Adams, junior.

“Lowest point is probably Geometry. My highest point was probably joining choir.” – Gerardo Alfaro, sophomore.

“My highest point was probably us winning first place at Quizbowl. It made me feel really excited because it was my first year being in Quizbowl. My lowest point is probably Biology.” – Mercy Costello, freshman.

“My highest point of sophomore year would have to be during the marching band season. During the marching band season, I got to meet so many wonderful people. And I, uh, got to do colorguard with amazing colorguard people. We did competitions at football games and we all hung out, it was fun and you get to hang out with your friends. They kind of evolve into your family. My lowest point would have to be after we found out we wouldn’t be going any further in the marching band season.” – Kylie Keen, sophomore.

“My highest point would be when I got all A’s on my report card. My lowest point would be the Strings finale concert.” – Carli Barnett, freshman.

“My highest point would be musical. I like the people, the overall experience. My lowest point would definitely be Geometry.” – Jazlynn Rodriguez, sophomore.

“My highest point would be a tie between my friends and Mr. Davis’ class–or both combined. I also like the books, the books are great. Chemistry class would have to be my lowest point.” – Armina Fani, freshman.

“The highest point was where I made friends. My lowest point was probably my Creative Writing class.” –  Zelda Little, freshman.

And of course, when asked, Mr. Emerson unsurprisingly mentioned Mr. Holder and Mr. Deathridge. “My low was definitely coming in every day and seeing Mr. Holder and Mr. Deathridge.”