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Thank You, Mr. Davis

By Claudia Witcher

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The Daily Chomp has been operating for about three years now. There are a lot of people to credit for the success of the website. They work hard to keep the community of Greenwood updated and knowledgeable on the happenings of our school.  The main man behind the operation, however, has preferred to stay in the shadows…until now.  The Daily Chomp would like to take this time to recognize the man, the myth, the legend…Mr. James Davis.

Mr. Davis has been teaching at Greenwood for 3 years.  His classes include: Creative Writing, Pre-Ap English 1, English 1, and Journalism.  He has taught all over the country but I feel confident Bowling Green is his favorite location yet.  It is the perfect place to raise a family, which Mr. Davis has to consider as he has two twin girls, Maggie and Charlotte.  They currently attend Cumberland Trace Elementary School and if they are lucky someday they might have their dad in class.  When Mr. Davis isn’t teaching he is reading (usually pretty boring books that he finds interesting), cooking for his family, or doing home renovations.  Along with his wife and two kids he lives with his dog, Chewie.  He attended George Mason University and is currently working on getting his National Board Certification.  If you want to get in good with Mr. Davis ask him about the time he met Katy Perry.

You may be wondering how I know so much. Throughout the course of our Journalism class Mr. Davis has taught us many qualities of successful journalists.  One of those being asking a lot of good and thorough questions.  Ever since then I have been hounding Mr. Davis with questions about his life.  I have heard “Please work Claudia” a significant amount this year.  However, believe it or not that is not his favorite quote.  It is second only to “Write a story about it.” I feel confident any student in Journalism can attest to that.  

When there was a request for a Journalism class, Mr. Davis gladly stepped up to the plate.  The first day he had approximately one student.  As his class grew so did his love for The Daily Chomp.  His class gave students the opportunity to share their voice and that is something to admire.  Though he criticizes me on the regular, I am glad I took the class.  Mr. Davis teaches you things that go beyond the classroom, which is rare in most classes.

I hope everyone is lucky enough to have Mr. Davis in the classroom.  If you do then a word of advice, type with only one space after the period. He feels very strongly about this as I learned this semester. I tried to remember that throughout this article but sometimes I forgot and so you will notice the shifts that were not intentional.  I also would like to take this time to apologize for the times he told me not to do something and I did it anyway.  And Mr. Davis I forgive you for the time you called me a mule.  I will miss the two hours I was in your class every day and I know you will too, especially the arguing I am sure.  Thank you for being the best adviser over The Daily Chomp.  We couldn’t have done it without you (literally).   


Side note: I would put a picture but Mr. Davis has never taken a school yearbook photo in his 17 years of teaching.  

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Thank You, Mr. Davis