Gators Wrap Up the Year With Testing


By Michaela Anderson, Reporter

As the year closes to an end, most of us find ourselves becoming overwhelmed with the amount of tests we have. Whether it be AP testing, EOCs, or finals–testing is something we all have to do. Earlier this week, as second semester EOC testing took place, students found themselves with an unusual schedule. Students who were not taking any tests were to stay in their 1st blocks on Monday and their 2nd blocks on Tuesday until testing was over. Students who were taking the tests–which ranged from English II and U.S. History to Algebra II and Biology–were to report to their testing areas first thing in the morning. It’s easy to say that students opinions on the tests were varied.

Sophomore Alaina Scipioni took the English II EOC on Monday. She said that she feels that she did really well on it. “It was super easy…you read a passage and answered a few comprehension questions. Then you answered six questions throughout the whole test that didn’t have to do with comprehension.” Scipioni didn’t study for her EOC; the reason behind this is that she felt that if she had learned it, she would know it on the test. If she didn’t know it, the test wouldn’t harm her grade since she has a high grade in her class. However, another sophomore who took the English II EOC, felt that she did terrible.

Noah Hernandez, a junior, took the U.S. History EOC Monday. Going into the test, he felt really good about things. Though, a few questions in, Hernandez said that the test quickly became “testy,” or difficult. “I’d say the test was medium level. Not easy, but not hard either.” He didn’t study for very long–just for the amount of time they were given in class. Hernandez felt that this was all that he needed because he had learned everything through the class and knew the gist of most things. Michelle Stewart, another junior who took the U.S. History EOC, believed that the test was pretty fair.

If you read your history book and listened to your teacher…you should know the answers.”

— Michelle Stewart

Andrew Peters, junior, took the Algebra II EOC on Tuesday. He feels that he didn’t do all that well on the test. “Some of the questions…I hadn’t seen in a very long time. I found myself going back and having to look through my notes from the beginning of the semester.” Peters studied for 20 minutes every day and believes that studying improved his grade considerably. Emma Johnston, a freshman, took the EOC this semester as well. She believes that she did pretty well on the test. Johnston says that the first part was really hard but the second part was definitely easier. She didn’t study at all and believes that it more than likely affected her grade negatively.

Though, out of all the tests, the Biology EOC got the most negative feedback. Haylea Hunt, freshman, stressed that the test was hard. She hopes she got at least a C, but Hunt is doubtful that she did. “It was over nothing we learned. The study guide didn’t help at all. I studied for three hours and it still didn’t help.” Hunt believes that studying didn’t improve her grade at all. It’s the same with Zelda Little, another freshman who took the EOC. She believes that she did horrible on the test, mainly due to the fact that everything she had studied wasn’t on the test. Little studied for three days and believes that studying didn’t help her at all.

According to Mrs. Lee, there might not be any more EOCs as of next year.  However, this doesn’t mean we should get our hopes up. “We won’t have quality core EOCs…but we’re still gonna have some type of assessment in English, Math, Science, and History.” At this point in time, the state hasn’t released what types of tests we’ll be taking next year. Yet, it’s safe to assume that whatever it is…it’ll be a lot like the EOCs.