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Students Thank Teachers for All They Do

Teacher Appreciation Day celebrates educators' dedication to students.

By Annabel Justice, Reporter

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It is commonly known that education is the basis for our society. Without education, our world could no longer make advances or function in just about anything. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Because education is so important, this also means that teachers have some of the biggest roles in securing the future of our world by educating generations of students.

While teachers should always be appreciated for this very reason, teachers should especially be recognized and thanked for Teacher Appreciation Week, which was this past week, because of the hard work that they do day in and day out.

It is no secret that Greenwood High School has one of the best teaching staffs around and should be thanked as often as possible. While the teachers may have already been given gifts, food, t-shirts, and even umbrellas, there are still many students at Greenwood who would like to thank and recognize the teachers that they appreciate the most. 

Among the teachers that students appreciate and would like to recognize is Mrs. Cale because of her hard work and dedication to the students. Her class and way of teaching really helps to prepare students. “I appreciate Mrs. Cale a lot,” Junior Canan Russell said. “She goes out of her way to and prepare her students not only for the last couple of years of high school, but also college.”

Mrs. Bush is another teacher that many students wanted to go out of their way to thank. Her kind personality and empathy towards students is just one of the many reasons that her students appreciate her.

“She is the sweetest person in the world!” senior Allie Moore said of Mrs. Bush. “She is very understanding when it comes to her students. She doesn’t focus on the grades the kids have, but rather if the kids are actually learning the material. She is one of the best teachers in Greenwood no doubt and I appreciate her a lot.”

“I really appreciate and would like to thank Mrs. Soule,” said freshman Christie Lin. “She has helped me grow a lot as an artist.” Christie is not even remotely the only student whom Mrs. Soule has helped improve.

Mrs. Soule, in her time at Greenwood, has helped transform the art department and has helped hundreds of students grow not only in art, but in many other things as well. Her kind demeanor and positive attitude has helped and is continuing to help many students.

Colonel Larson in his ability to motivate students to work as hard as they can is another teacher who many students appreciate and wish to recognize. “He’s helped me grow a lot this school year and you can tell he really cares about all the cadets in the ROTC program. He always does his best to motivate the kids and make sure we all do the best we can,” said freshman Katrina Fjeld.

“I appreciate Mr. Dillingham,” said Junior Katherine Gott. “He cares for his students and makes an effort to make sure class is enjoyable. He also always considers students’ input before making decisions.”

This is nowhere near the end of the list of teachers that students appreciate. Undoubtedly, every teacher at Greenwood has made an impact on students and are appreciated very much.

The importance of teachers is always evident, but this past week during Teacher Appreciation week, the amount that they matter to students shone through. “I think that Teacher Appreciation week is extremely important,” said freshman Emily Moore. “We couldn’t be where we are now without teachers.”

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Students Thank Teachers for All They Do