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Nishijima: “I Make Art as a Form of Expression”

By Hailey Welson, Re

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Everyone has a passion. It might be big, or small, maybe really interesting or personal. But something in this world allows us to express ourselves freely. For that one quiet kid in your science class, it might be writing about politics. Or that pretty girl? Maybe it’s scouring the town for interesting graffiti on buildings or trains. No two people like the same things.

For sophomore Keiko Nishijima, her passion is art. Drawing has always been her favorite thing to do–ever since she was a little girl. Keiko is very talented–even her little doodles in her sketchbooks are insanely breathtaking.

“Something I like about art is just how expansive it is, just how many different things you can do… everyone has their own form…it’s just something I’ve always loved and appreciated about it,” she comments on how art is a very expressive way of showing talent and creativity.

Art has not only impacted her life, but her older sister’s as well. Keiko says that her sister is a big inspiration to her and her art. “She’s currently at in an art college down in Savannah, Georgia… it’s really cool there, and it’d be really cool if I got there as well.” Art has always been a part of her life, and she hopes it takes her somewhere far in life as she continues to draw.

“Well, I’d definitely like to impact others in a positive way, if possible, but I think it’d be really cool if my art could could someday just inspire others to also pursue art–as not many other people do it (art). There’s a noticeably growing crowd of people who are, but it’s not that big yet.”

Art is her burning passion. What’s yours?

View some of Keiko’s effortless yet stunning doodles from her Instagram account (@incorporated.mii) here!

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Nishijima: “I Make Art as a Form of Expression”