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Great Gator Invitational Track and Field Results

By Maggie Gholston, Reporter

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200 Meter Dash :

Emmy Smith; 6th place

Zoe Mcneily; 8th place


400 Meter Dash:

Rose Mary Jackson; 1st place

Callie Strode; 5th place


800 Meter Run:

Kelsey Dinning; 1st place

Jessie Strode; 7th place


3200 Meter Run:

Hope Leeper; 3rd place

Lynda Scanell; 4th place


100 Meter Hurdles:

Abbie Turley; 7th place


300 Meter Hurdles:

Veronique DeMarse; 4th place

Lydia Armstrong; 7th place


4×200 Meter Relay: 4th place

Farley Wood

Allison Wheeler

Zoe Mcneily

Callie Strode


4×400 Meter Relay: 2nd place

Emmy Smith

Kelsey Dinning

Callie Strode

Rose Mary Jackson


4×800 Meter Relay: 1st place

Lynda Scannell

Hope Leeper

Anne Logan Perkins

Kelsey Dinning


Long Jump:

Ivy Hunt; 6th place


Triple Jump:

Ivy Hunt; 7th place


Adapted Shot Put:

Madison Duncan; 1st place


Shot Put:

Carly Miller; 2nd place

Ashlyn Mcgehee; 3rd place


Discus Throw:

Ashlyn Mcgehee; 2nd place

Carly Miller; 4th place




200 Meter Dash:

Gannon Minton; 6th place

Keeghan Harrell; 7th place


800 Meter Run:

Walker Goshorn; 4th place

Henry Pepper; 8th place


1600 Meter Run:

Kyle Heltsley; 4th place

Walker Goshorn; 8th place


3200 Meter Run:

Kyle Heltsley; 3rd place


110 Meter Hurdles:

Aj Anthony; 2nd place

Mason Wilson; 4th place


300 Meter Hurdles:

Aj Anthony; 4th place

Mason Wilson; 5th place


4×100 Meter Relay: 3rd place

Soe Maund

Brock Aspley

Keeghan Harrell

Gannon Minton


4×200 Meter Relay: 2nd place

Luke Rios

Brock Aspley

Gannon Minton

Hunter Hawkins


4×800 Meter Relay: 4 place

Walker Goshorn

Benito Valero

Desmond Barnett

Kyle Heltsley


High Jump:

Aj Anthony; 5th place


Triple Jump:

Aj Anthony: 6th place


Shot Put:

Matthew Dishmon; 3rd place


Discus Throw:

Chaz Zickus; 1st place




Girls finished in 3rd place.

Boys finished in 2nd place.




























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Great Gator Invitational Track and Field Results