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Greenwood FBLA Visits Norton Children’s Hospital

By Claudia Witcher

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We all are familiar with hospitals, whether that be from watching Grey’s Anatomy, visiting friends or family, or even having paid a visit there ourselves. Whatever the case may be, we are aware how much work goes into maintaining a hospital so that there is a place people can go if they are in need of medical attention.The staff and students of Greenwood realized this and wanted to do something to help.

The plan was to hold an event where students would remain on their feet for three hours. The goal was to raise $5,000 benefiting Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville. Norton’s is the only hospital in Kentucky who solely serves children. They do their best to make sure the kids of our state are provided with medical care in a pleasant environment. Greenwood would be the first high school to implement the “Dance Little Red” and had no intention of letting this hospital down.  

On March 10, students danced and played games to pass time.  There were competitions to participate in, even including one where students could design a wagon that the hospital uses to transport children to surgery in.  It was a great night all going towards a great cause.  In the end, Greenwood significantly surpassed their goal and ended up raising $5, 578.91.

Greenwood visits Norton Children’s Hospital

The Future Business Leaders of America state conference took place in Louisville on April 16-19. Several students in the club participated in the fundraiser and were presented with the perfect opportunity to visit the hospital.  The FBLA arrived on a Wednesday morning to a multicolored, bright building.  There were children’s drawings on the walls and the whole place seemed to radiate warmth.

FBLA students learn more about the hospital.

Greenwood was greeted by Dana Matukas, who is the development and marketing coordinator at Norton’s.  They were led to a meeting room where they learned more about the hospital from multiple people on the staff who did a variety of different things to keep it running.  Since age and sanitation were an issue, the students were not allowed to tour the hospital but Norton’s had an easy fix.  They used the Skype application so everyone got to see certain wings of the building.  The virtual tour included the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center.

Students see NICU using the Skype application.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, most often referred to as the NICU, is the place where newborn babies go when something is not quite right at their birth.  The doctors and nurses in the unit work very hard to assure that the babies become strong and healthy and are able to live a long life.  The students got to see a baby who was not carried to term in the NICU.  The child was born at twenty-five weeks while most babies are born at forty.  At one and a half pounds he was living the first part of her life in an incubator.  It was a scary prospect but after seeing and speaking with some of the doctors and nurses there was no doubt they were going to save the beautiful little girl.

Greenwood FBLA interacts with cancer patient at Norton’s.

In the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center, the FBLA got to meet a 16 year-old cancer patient.  He was spending his final days in the hospital as his chemotherapy was almost over.  He praised the hospital for their service.  Norton’s works hard to keep kids entertained during the duration of their time there.  There was a “hang-out” room for the kids and their families to come to, to play games, watch movies, and just talk.  Renovations were about to begin in the room after getting input from patients on what they would like to see in the room.  “A little money goes a long way,” the young man said.  All donations to the hospital are greatly appreciated and put to good use.   

Students also got to learn about other renovations that were going to take place in the hospital.  Jennifer Lawrence is an actress from Louisville.  Lawrence donated $2 million to Norton’s for a new cardiology unit, to be called ‘Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit,’ and encouraged others to do the same.  

The work on the new wing will begin in 2019.  It will significantly improve the comfort of patients and their families, and also allow more patients to be admitted.  “She has visited the hospital on trips home during the holidays and has said she’s been inspired by the children she’s met and felt moved to help with their care,” according to The Courier-Journal.  The new unit is highly anticipated and will significantly improve the hospital.  

Overall, the visit was very enlightening.  Students saw first-hand where the money they worked hard raising was going.  The commonwealth of Kentucky is very lucky to have Norton Children’s Hospital at our disposal.   

Greenwood FBLA Students visit Norton Children’s Hospital.


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Greenwood FBLA Visits Norton Children’s Hospital