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Ground Breaking News: Greenwood Breaks Ground on New Tennis Courts

By Madeleine Wilson, Reporter

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The Greenwood Tennis team has tried for many years to get new courts for the team to play on. The ones that are currently placed next to the softball field are very old, and full of cracks. The team also only currently has six to play on, which is very difficult for matches when they have to play both the boys and girls team on them. With all of these factors affecting the team, and after many years of pleading for new courts, the school is finally providing the time to get new ones built.

The team is being provided with 10 new courts that will be built in the open field behind the softball field. This will be a major improvement because both girls and boys teams will be able to play a 5 game match at the same time.

The courts themselves will cost around $400,000 and this does not include lighting, electrical for lighting or court coating. The bid was put out and sold to a company called Scotty’s who will be doing the courts. A company called MUSCO will be used for the installation of lighting and and specs for the electrical. The overall cost is estimated to be about $650,000.

The project is estimated to be finished in late summer, but depends on the weather. Once the new courts are finished, the old courts will be turned into a parking lot. This will be another big improvement for both the tennis and softball team because the current parking lot is very small to hold both teams’ cars, especially when both teams have home matches.

Everyone on the team is very grateful to be getting these news courts, especially in time for the 2018 season. Having ten courts will make Greenwood a place to hold region and many other tournaments for years to come. Also it will allow the players to get more practice time with there being more room to play separate singles and doubles matches.

“I am very happy to be getting these new courts, even if it only is for my senior year, it’s better than not having them at all.” said player Kelly Lin.

“As the president of the tennis booster club for the 2017 season and being a member for several years, I know we have tried for a long time to get these courts and I’m very happy for everyone that it is finally happening,” said Jennifer Wilson.


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Ground Breaking News: Greenwood Breaks Ground on New Tennis Courts