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Pet of the Week: January 23

January 26, 2017

This week’s “Pet” is a two for one special, Taylor (Senior) and Kelly (Sophomore) Walsh have two loving doggos named Izzy and Winston. Both dogs get along very well.



Izzy is the dog with the black colored ears which have lightened since she was a puppy. She has always been a very friendly dog but when Izzy is not making new friends she is usually finding herself in very troubling situations due to her energetic nature. When she is not getting into these situations, Izzy enjoys treats, running ahead of the rest of her family on walks, and walking on top of the pool cover.



Winston is the older of the two Walsh dogs at 13 years of age. He spends most of his day laying around the house and sleeping, his favorite activity besides barking at everything. A while ago, Winston broke or fractured his paw and when it healed, it healed differently than it was supposed to and ever since he has walked weirdly on his front paw, it may look funny and like it would hurt but it does not hurt him at all.  “Winston is a very good older brother to Izzy”, says Taylor.

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