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Pet of the Week


November 30, 2015

The pet of the week decjanholiday season is one marked by gifts and joy, so The Daily Chomp’s gift to you is the promise of one adorable, dashing, hilarious, or lovable animal every week. Many of these animals are up for adoption at the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society or are remarkable members of the local community. So strap on your plush bedazzled candy-cane Flexi Leash and enjoy Pet of the Week: Holiday Edition!






happy new year dog


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In order to celebrate the coming new year, Pet of the Week will be having a Pet of the Year celebration! You, the readers of The Daily Chomp, can submit cute, funny, or awesome pictures of your pet, and all of our submissions will be featured on the last Pet of the Week of 2015!!! (This is not a contest, so anyone who submits a picture will have their picture shown.)

Twitter: @ghsdailychomp

Instagram: @thedailychomp

Email: [email protected]

Or leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

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Week of 11/30/15

Photo from

Photo from

 Well, it’s finally here: December! It may be the last day of November in actuality, but in my mind it’s December already, so Pet of the Week: Holiday Edition has officially started!

And to kick off our holiday season is a very spirited guy: Harvey. Harvey is a 9-year-old Beagle at the BGWCHS, though he doesn’t seem nearly so old. Beagles are remarkable for their energetic spirit, and they tend to keep that energy into old age better than most other dog breeds. Beagles are also very social, known to work well with one or two siblings, and Harvey is certainly no exception. He loves other dogs and is very gentle and well-behaved around them.

Though Harvey is an active dog, he is also very low-key personality-wise. He enjoys slow walks where he can just sniff around the neighborhood at his own pace, and he loves to ride in the car. However, nothing makes him as happy as a good old treat!

Though Harvey is a staff favorite at the Humane Society, he is still looking to be adopted. He is a calm, housebroken dog, so he will cause very little trouble, plus Beagles are known for being fairly low maintenance (although he will need a little extra care because he is older). Please consider adopting, fostering, or sponsoring Harvey through his Petfinder page, and share his story with your friends and colleagues.

P.S. Don’t forget to submit your animal pictures for our Pet of the Year celebration!

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Week of 12/7/15

Though she is normally a graceful and glamorous girl, at the moment Precious appears to be startled by the paparazzi.

Though she is normally a graceful and glamorous girl, at the moment Precious appears to be startled by the paparazzi.

You never thought you’d see it again, but there is a cat on Pet of the Week!

 Precious is a 1-year-old orange and white Domestic Short Hair kitty at the BGWCHS. She is aptly named because she is so sweet and friendly. Aside from being a beautiful little girl, she also loves getting attention. If you stop petting her, she will reach out and nudge your hand or tug on your clothing until you continue petting her.

Though Precious is so beloved at the shelter, she still needs someone to take her into their home and make her part of their family. Please consider adopting, fostering, or sponsoring her at her Petfinder page here, or share her story on social media.

Don’t forget to send pictures to us through Twitter, Instagram, Email, or a comment below for Pet of the Year!

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Week of 12/14/15

2015-12-12 Taz (4)

Despite his similarity in name and appearance to Taz the Tasmanian Devil, Taz the dog is more of a Tasmanian Angel. This little mutt is currently at the BGWC Humane Society, but it certainly won’t be long before he’s noticed by a new forever family.

Taz is definitely a mix, though it’s hard to tell exactly what he’s a mix of. He is a sweetheart, and he loves to be held and petted by people. Though he’s a little shy around strangers, he enjoys their company nonetheless. He is also quite friendly around other dogs, even if he is a little scared upon first meeting them.

Please spread the word about Taz, and hopefully he will soon find a forever family that is as special as he is.

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Pet of the Year!

Week of 12/21/15

Well, the last Pet of the Week of 2015 has arrived. Throughout this month, I’ve asked you, the readers of The Daily Chomp, to submit your favorite pictures of your pets to us through Twitter (@ghsdailychomp), Instagram (@thedailychomp), or email ([email protected]). So, with only a little further ado, here they are (*drumroll please*) . . . The 2015 Pets of the Year!

pet of the year

First up is a picture from GHS’s own Student Resource Officer, Pete Rich, showing his kitty Hemi making a silly face.

Officer Rich Cat Hemi

Hemi (Picture from Pete Rich)

Another of Officer Rich’s kittens, Petitie, is caught red-pawed after tearing up a roll of toilet paper.

Officer Rich Cat Petetie

Petitie (Picture courtesy of Pete Rich)

My own dog, Artie, needs a rest after a busy holiday season.

Artie. (Picture by David DiMeo)

(Picture by David DiMeo)



Jojo (Picture from DiDi Turley)


Bobo (Picture by DiDi Turley)

DiDi Turley shared two of her pets:

On the left, Jojo, enjoying a nice day in the sun.

On the right, Bobo, an adorable French Bulldog, goes for a ride with the family.

Sammy  (Courtesy of Kera Regan-Byrne)

(Courtesy of Kera Regan-Byrne)

Jack (Courtesy of Kera Regan-Byrne)

(Courtesy of Kera Regan-Byrne)

And last but certainly not least, we have a couple of tired kitties.

On the left, Kera Regan-Byrne snapped a candid shot of her cat, Sammy, taking a quick nap . . . wherever he feels like it.

Finally, on the right, Adan Deeb’s little friend, Jack, is looking very erudite in his new glasses.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their pet pictures! Happy Holidays to all Daily Chomp readers, and a great new year to all! See you in 2016!!

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