Adventures of Leroy

February 28, 2018


Turtles are simple creatures that sit in the sun and eat dehydrated food pellets, but Leroy is different. Leroy is more interesting than most ordinary Testudine. He goes to different tanks, does exotic dances and rituals, meets new creatures, and even rides an occasional dog or two. Leroy can’t do it alone…well he could, but his fun-loving neighbor won’t let him. Mimmy is a tiny, girly turtle who has big ideas and lots of creativity. The two turtles have very different personalities, Leroy has the tendency to be melancholy, while Mimmy is very happy and almost child-like.


Adventures of Leroy: The Ceremony

Adventures of Leroy: Happy Giftler

Adeventures of Leroy: Garden Party

Adventures of Leroy: Heartsday Carnival

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