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Boy Meets Girl Meet Shakespeare

By Alaina Scipioni, Reporter

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Kentucky Shakespeare enriches students lives with art. It is their job to keep the arts alive, “the arts are essential to a child’s educational experience and development.” Boy Meets Girl Meets Shakespeare is a one hour performance that shows three scenes from various plays written by, of course, Shakespeare. Between each scene there is  guided instructions and interactive discussion between the audience and the actors.

This summer will be their fifty-seventh summer performing in central park, they had started Kentucky Shakespeare in 1960. They visit about 150 schools each year, there isn’t an age limit on joining Kentucky Shakespeare.

As all grades gathered in the auditorium during second period on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, the stage was set and they began.

First it started with background knowledge on Shakespeare, such as:  he wrote 38 plays, he had a wife and three kids, he was born in england in 1564 he lived to be 52 years old he had died in 1606 on his birthday. All of his plays had been performed in Globe theater in London, all of his lessons that we learn in his plays are universal, meaning it affects all of us in some way.

One interesting thing is Shakespeare invented over 1,700 of our common words, by changing the nouns into verbs, and changing verbs into adjectives. He connected words that had never been used together adding prefixes and suffixes.

Then they went into the structure of his plays. Each one of his plays he has five acts, the first act is the exposition, the second act is the rising action, the third act is the climax, the fourth act is the falling action, and the fifth act is the resolution.

The first scene they performed was a scene from Henry IV. The second scene they performed was Julius Caesar. The third and final scene they preformed was from one of his well known play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

As a student myself I learned so much and actually understand more about Shakespeare and his writings

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Boy Meets Girl Meet Shakespeare