Apple Is Better Than Samsung

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    Apple’s phones can not be compared to any other phone brand/companies. Apple comes out with a new laptop, computer, phone, watch, headphones, and they are probably working on a lot more things that will be coming out really soon.

    Apple’s phones cost around 1000 dollars for the best and most recent phone and all the phones before that the prices drop and everyone can get them for cheap.

    iPhone XS Max costs around 1100-1500. Price is based upon the amount of storage you want and that’s the newest and best iPhone that has came out.

    iPhone is expensive but everyone wants it, that’s why they jack up the prices because they know a lot of people will buy.





    Samsung has good phones and not that many people want a Samsung compared to a iPhone because iPhone is such a

    popular brand and everyone want to fit in and have the same phone to be cool because they have name brand or something like that. Samsung comes out with phones, watches, headphones, and more on the way also, such as Apple.

    Samsung Galaxy S9 is the newest and best Samsung and it costs from 600-700 dollars, which is also based on the amount of storage you want.