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By deven dean, Reporter

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“Overwatch” is a team-oriented First Person Shooter. Matchmaking in casual mode depends on how you treat your teammates and your skill.  Your teammates commend you for either being a shot caller, being respectful, or lastly, having good teamwork. If you treat your teammates like crap and enough people commend you negatively you will be playing with others who are like yourself.

There are three character classes: tank, your characters that soak up damage; DPS, your damage dealers; and support, which are your healers. A few examples are Soldier 76, a DPS; Reinhardt, a tank; and Mercy, a support.  

The game is much like Team Fortress 2 and got much inspiration from it; however, Overwatch is a much better game in my eyes, however. 

The community in competitive “Overwatch” is OK. It gets more toxic the higher rank you get. If you have a squad of people you regularly play with it’s not as bad as going solo. You can meet some cool people that play regularly. Now if you are going to play, please do not leave mid match just because your team is losing.