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Dam floods North Carolina from landslide

By Marissa Anold

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Landslides can be one of the most dangerous natural disasters, the amount of deaths has increased by the hundreds in the u.s alone in the past 10 years. Just this past week in North Carolina a huge landslide happened and a couple people were killed. A lot of people don’t know or haven’t heard about the risks of landslides and how dangerous they actually can be.


Heavy rains in the western North Carolina mountains caused the huge landslide that has caused so much destruction. The national  weather service cited reports very early wednesday from McDowell County emergency management officials. Water was spilling all around the sides of lake Tahoma dam. After the landslide the dam is at risk of imminent  failure and the weather service extended a flash flood warning not knowing it was a landslide causing all the problems.


This is a very bad situation because if the dam walls break thousands more will die from the flooding of all the water. Workers are going up to the dam to work on fixing the cracked wall before it breaks. They think they may have been a little too late though the crack is getting almost way to big to be able just to patch up.


The leak from the dam has already flooded apart of North Carolina and 10 people died, if they don’t patch the dam soon the death count will more than likely increase by the hundreds. What people don’t know is that in the United States, landslides happen in all 50 states at least once a year. The main regions for landslides are the coastal mountains.


There are a lot of different types of landslides. Some cause more destruction than others. Like a rotational slide which is mildly dangerous but still harmful is where the surface of rupture is curved concave upward and the slide movement is roughly rotational about an axis that is parallel to ground surface and transverse across the slide.


The most dangerous slide is  the Block slide it’s in which the moving mass consists of a single unit or a few closely related units that move downslope as a relatively coherent mass, this slide can also have the outcome of the landslide moves along a roughly planar surface with alittle rotation or backward tilting.


Landslides in the U.S cause $3.5 billion dollars in damage almost every year. A lot of the debris causes most of the damage like a tilting house or shutters moving. When the landslide happens it causes the surface of the earth to move a little. Then the rain and land moves and moves whats ever on top of the earth with it. That’s why landslides are so dangerous and we need to be more aware of the situations that are happening all around us.

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Dam floods North Carolina from landslide