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Field Day Schedule

By Marissa Landrum

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Field day will be on Thursday, May 24, and it’s a busy day. Here’s a schedule of the day:

  • 7:30: All students report to SWAMP so teachers can get attendance.
  • 8:00: Freshmen and Sophomore SWAMPS will be called down to the Gym for Student Council President Speeches.
  • 8:30: Freshmen and sophomores go out to the football field. Seniors go to cafeteria for yearbook signing; will have 45 mins to do so.
  • 8:35 Juniors get called to Gym for Student Council President Speeches
  • 9:00: Juniors go back to SWAMP
  • 9:15: Seniors go back to SWAMP
  • 9:49: Juniors get called to the cafeteria for yearbook signing and Student Council President voting  
  • A Lunch (11:06- 11:30) Seniors Eat
  • B Lunch (11:36- 12:00) Juniors Eat
  • C Lunch (12:05- 12:29) Underclassmen with Powderpuff Tickets: Will also vote during lunch
  • D Lunch (12:34- 12:58) Everyone else eats
  • 12:10: Juniors and Seniors are dismissed to the football field. Freshmen and Sophomores stay in their SWAMPS for the rest of afternoon.
  • 12:30: Underclassmen with Powderpuff Tickets are released to football field.
  • 1:01-1:45 Sophomore Yearbook Signing- Also vote for Student Council President.
  • 1:51-2:35 Freshmen Yearbook Signing- Also vote for Student Council President.
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Field Day Schedule