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Google Using Your Personal Data

By Parker Hughson, Reporter

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai talked at the company’s yearly developer conference on Tuesday about some of their emerging technology, such as an assistant that can schedule appointments for you over the phone, customized suggestions in Google Maps, and help finish your sentences as you type an email.

All possible due to the data they are collecting from billions of users.

Many users were, most likely, unaware their data was being used in such a way, or people liked the convenience. Google has seven products that each has at least 1 billion active monthly users, and users’ data help those devices operate well.

That has helped make Google one of the world’s most used and recognizable brands, according to a Morning Consult poll. But after the Cambridge Analytica incident, people are growing increasingly concerned about how major tech companies track people and their data, as the data collection practices by the leading digital advertising companies have come under watch.

“Google is walking a very fine line,” David Yoffie, a professor at the Harvard Business School, said in an email. “Search, plus Android gives Google amazing insight into individual behavior. Google’s stated privacy policies seem adequate, but the question that I cannot answer is whether Google’s stated policy and actual behavior are one and the same. Facebook had a stated policy for the last three years which most of us found acceptable until Cambridge Analytica came to light.”

Google gathers information about you through their services, meaning the more Google items you use, the more data and knowledge Google gains. Everything Google related is collecting gigabytes of data about you and all other users.

The data is used to give specific ads and search recommendations to each individual user. The data is also used to analyze emails to give better search results, better detect spam and malware.

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Google Using Your Personal Data