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Should We Have Stricter Gun Laws?

By Allyra Lindsey, Reporter

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Shootings are becoming more and more frequent in the United States. Many people have tried to come up with their own solutions to the problem, but is there ever going to be a clear solution?

The United States has been debating whether having stricter gun laws would help reduce the number of “bad” people getting a hold of guns. I personally believe that anyone who wants to get a gun bad enough would do so, no matter what the law says. Criminals don’t usually get their guns legally, so having stricter gun laws wouldn’t slow crime rate even a little bit. They’re bad people for a reason and they clearly don’t care what the law says.

People say the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun and I completely agree with that. You have to look at facts, considering again a criminal has a gun that they received illegally. The only way for civilians to protect themselves is a gun. So, making it harder for normal people to get guns is also taking away their source of safety, which would make the crime rate go up because not many victims have guns to defend themselves. Not only that, but taking guns is also taking away many Americans extra-curricular activities, such as hunting or shooting at a fun range.

A gun has never killed anyone, a gun has never pulled its own trigger. Rather than snatching all the guns away, we should work towards getting help for the mentally unstable people that want to kill. The government could definitely do yearly or monthly check ups on people to make sure their heads are in the right place to have the privilege of possessing a gun. People will kill people with or without guns, so might as well give the good people a way of protection.

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Should We Have Stricter Gun Laws?