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Nigeria Girls Kidnapped

By Marissa Arnold

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As school security continues to be a hot topic in the United States, a similar debate rages in Nigeria. There, a group of militants  from Boko Haram arrived in the town of Dapchi during the evening of Monday, February 19. One hundred girls from a boarding school in northeastern Nigeria were kidnapped and later found on March 21.

The militants left Nigeria and said if the government paid a high ransom and let them back into Nigeria they would let the girls go without being harmed.

That was a month ago, the girls were found earlier after the government paid the ransom but didn’t let the militants back into Nigeria.

Five girls were found dead and one more is still in captivity because they didn’t let the militants into Nigeria.

Now the parents are still concerned for the girls’ safety and are protesting for security in the boarding schools so this won’t happen again.

Security has been the parents’ and teachers’ big concern. The argument has been that the boarding schools need more security in the schools because four years ago the same situation happened and it keeps happening over and over.

The government thinks that this is not a big enough issue to place security into all of the schools. I think that it is a big deal because it took a month for the government to decide if the girls were worth enough to pay the ransom. If there was adequate security, they would avoid paying a ransom.

Some parents are scared that the government isn’t working hard enough to solve the problem because after a month of looking for the girls the government couldn’t find them.

If security was placed into the schools the girls would feel safer knowing that it would be a lot harder for it to happen. Parents are concerned for their daughters safety and the parents of the girls who got kidnapped are going through a daily struggle knowing their kids still have a risk of it happening again.

The issue of the kids being missing would definitely become less of a problem if the schools decided to put security in the schools for the girls safety.


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Nigeria Girls Kidnapped