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The things I listen to…

By Parker Hughson, Reporter

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Music is something we all listen to, and I am also one of those people. Whether you can consider what I listen to “songs,” I have a very different taste in music than many others. Here’s my top 5. Also, all of these pieces of music are from movies or games.

5. “Battle”– Steve Jablonsky:
This music comes from “Transformers: Dark of The Moon”. While the movie wasn’t the greatest, the soundtracks from it were spectacular. This music is generally very grand, and feels like it would work well is in situations where you have to do something alone with stakes. This goes for all of these, but it sounds so good.

4. “It’s our fight”– Steve Jablonsky:
This music is also from “Transformers: Dark of The Moon.” This music is far grander than “Battle” and has that intense theme to it.

3. Halo 1 Soundtrack– Martin O’Donnell
This choice is not only for nostalgia, but also it is just… perfection. I remember loading up the game and just hearing that iconic music that always got me on the edge of my seat that I’ll never forget.

2. Pacific Rim Soundtrack– Ramin Djawadi
This one just gives me the chills. It always hits me and nearly took the #1 spot but just couldn’t overtake the first. I just love this music and having it over the fights was perfect.

1. Transformers AOE Soundtrack–  Steve Jablonsky
This is an interesting pick as the soundtrack consists of smaller soundtracks. These just sound the best out of all of them. My favorites in the soundtrack are as follows: “Leave Planet Earth Alone”, “Your Creator’s Want You Back”, “Honor The End”, and “Cemetery Wind.” The others aren’t bad, they just aren’t as good as the ones I listed.

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The things I listen to…