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Greenwood Student Earns Two Gold Medals at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

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The weigh-ins for the Fuji tournament started at around 8:00 am. Around 10:00 am we went over the rules, the actual matches didn’t start until 10:45 am, and the actual matches started at 10:45 am. The order of participants went in descending order by belt rank. Black, brown, purple, blue, white.

I was placed in the 196lb white belt division. Since there weren’t many people in my division it was decided that the other person in the division and myself would do a best  2 out of 3 matches to determine the champion.

The first match began. We were at a stalemate on the feet until I pulled on him down to his knees by his lapel, and as he sprung to his feet I quickly pinned him to the mat. I landed in his half guard(where he has one of my legs trapped, while my other leg is free), and began slowly sliding my foot up. Eventually, I escaped his half guard and scored a mount position(I am past his legs and sitting on his stomach/hips). He tried to hip escape, but I remained heavy and kept his hips pinned to the ground. I fought for the grip on his wrist, eventually pinning his wrist to the mat and making him tap to a mounted americana.

I then started the second round of my gi matches(matches with the kimono on). Early on I attempted an outside trip, but he countered and threw me. There was a bit of a scramble and I wound up in a ¾ mount, at which I was able to escape the ¾ mount and score a full mount position. After this, I attempted a mounted armbar and was unsuccessful. He rolled up, but I managed to keep my mounted position. He continued to try and hip escape, but he was unsuccessful. After some time I was able to pin his wrist and make him tap to an americana once again.

I managed to win gold in the GI division in a pretty short time, due to my victory I got to conserve a little energy for my NO GI matches. Although these victories did nothing to ease my anxiety after the match. I congratulated him on a match well fought before talking to his coach and parents.

In my NO GI(without the kimono) matches I had to do another best 2 out of 3 matches to determine the winner. I was paired with a short, stocky kid with monster strength. He attempted a takedown early on which I was able to sprawl out of. He picked me up attempting to take me down again, which I luckily managed to stop with another sprawl. We went out of bounds and proceeded to reset in the middle.

I thought I had slightly hurt my knee, and checked to see if it were okay. After this, I went right back to competing. I shot in for a low single but he blocked my hand from gripping his leg. I then got him into a front headlock, which he managed to promptly escape from. I attempted an outside trip, but failed next he tried to take me down again which allowed me to sprawl and spin around to take is back. He rolled into me and *I nearly got a triangle choke but was unable to secure it by pulling the head due to the rules(pulling the head during a triangle choke was illegal). I then stood up, realizing I couldn’t do anything. I shucked him down and he rolled me over, I somehow managed to get a full guard. I then stood up once again. He drove me down to the mat and I managed to roll on top of him, I got a ¾ mount and eventually passed to a full mount. I then tapped him with the same mounted americana that had won gold in the GI divisions.

In the second match, we tied up almost immediately. I did a hard snap-down sending him face first into the mat. I used an inside trip to take him to the mat. I landed in a half guard and then began to make my attempt to escape to a full mount. I managed to escape my foot and score a full mount position. He then rolled into me and pushed me on my back, allowing me to get a full guard. We then reset in the middle.

I started out in his guard and then stood up. I then scored a low ankle pick on him after getting up. I landed in his guard and passed his guard pretty easily ending up in side control, in which I was able to flatten him out. I then worked my way to north-south. He rolled onto his stomach allowing me to take his back, however, I couldn’t score a choke. He tried hard to get me off his back. He then rolled onto his back and I scored a full mount position. From the mount position, and quickly pinned his wrist to the ground, making him tap to an americana.

I believe this tournament gave me a reason to up training and take my Jiu-Jitsu up to the next level. It was an honor to compete and finally see the fruits of my labor during training. 

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Greenwood Student Earns Two Gold Medals at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament