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Students React to Gun Violence; Propose Solutions

By Garrett Ashley, Reporter

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In light of the recent murders at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead and many others injured, students and parents both grieve for those who are gone but look towards the future of protecting America’s schools. A handful of students from the SWAMP have given their sympathies and ideas to make sure such a tragedy never strikes this close to home.

Tanner Cummings, a senior, says that this terrible loss of life should be taken as an example on how to better secure and protect schools, stating that metal detectors and bulletproof doors can be effectively used with or without the support of armed guards.  He believes that teachers and administrators should be more aware of the students and look for signs to ensure the safety of the populace.

Lynda Scannell, another senior, sees this disheartening tragedy as a breaking point on the debate for gun control.  She feels as though this sort of thing happens way too often, noting the 12 school shootings that have occurred in the first nine weeks of 2018, and thinks that precautions are not enough; that there needs to be restrictions on firearms so that people with psychological disorders are not allowed to have access to these deadly weapons.

Carter Dawson, a junior, thinks that there should be at least three armed guards at each school who are retired veterans who are able to pass a psychological evaluation, a physical fitness test, as well as receive specialized training in order to be prepared for active shooter situations.

Avery Witcher, a 12th-grade student, noted that the active shooter drills that students practice in school are not realistic and calls upon school administrators and the district to reform these procedures to prepare students for such worst-case scenarios.

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Students React to Gun Violence; Propose Solutions