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Snapchat Update Upsets Users

By Akira Jackson, Reporter

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Everyone knows about the new Snapchat update, where your Snapchat stories are on your home screen. Also, they changed the bitmoji as the person’s profile if they haven’t put anything on their story. In my opinion, Snapchat looks cluttered now and you can’t really see who you have a streak with or even when you have a timer, because the icon is so tiny.

Other Gators agree that Snapchat’s “improvements” are no improvement at all.

Gavin Merritt says that the new Snapchat update is really horrible. “I try to open people’s Snapchat but accidentally open their story. Also, the layout sucks.”

Garrett Ashley also has issues with the redesign. “In your friends list, when someone posts a new Snapchat to their story it automatically comes at the top as your recent. It could be people you don’t even talk to. Also the featured stories (when you slide to the left) only has the famous people, news stories, or people that haven’t added you back, and that doesn’t seem fair.”

Chloe Smith also added, “ The whole format of Snapchat doesn’t seem right, and when you go to watch people’s stories their name what you them as pops up before their story does which is annoying; the old version is a lot better.”

Lita Spielman said she hates it with a passion and barely uses the app anymore, a sentiment echoed by a number of Gators. Many students rant about the stories, format, tiny Snapchat streaks, and random people Snapchat stories that you don’t even talk to. I personally think we need our old Snapchat back.

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Snapchat Update Upsets Users