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Julia and her Galaxies

By Lauren Sohn, Interviewer, Writer

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Julia Fritz is yet another student at GHS art 3 whose art has inspired me to write about. Her explanation about what she thinks of the galaxy really caught my attention, she states thinking about what’s past earth really excites her, and her love for what’s natural and significant inspires her art.

To her, space is so beautiful and unpredictable that’s why most of her pieces are made on the spot, which means she doesn’t exactly plan about what she wants her next project to be, she just goes for it.

She’s succeeded of making 12 pieces this year alone, which only took her 3 days each, but her favorite pieces are the oars that she’s made, which represents school spirit with a mix of her own personal style. A lot of her creations are hung throughout the school, but she likes to keep them at home and hang them for decoration.

Julia’s art of the mountains and the night stars put me in such an awe that I personally asked her to make me a customized galaxy art piece so I can hang it up in my room as well.

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Julia and her Galaxies