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Tina Says Goodbye to Journalism

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Most students hate writing and English class. Freshman Tina Huynh feels the complete opposite. “Most people don’t enjoy writing and think that it’s too much work, or that they’re not creative enough. I am not the most creative person myself, but I love getting the opportunity to come up with story ideas that I enjoy to write about, instead of having to be told what to write. It might be a lot of work, but it’s much better than lectures and taking notes.” She shares.


Her enjoyment for writing might be one of the reasons why she does so well in journalism class, which is a class designed to let students create stories for the school online newsletter. Huynh has a final grade of 98% in this class, getting 100% on all fourteen of her stories. She says that a strong work ethic is required for this class because of lots of deadlines, many stories going on at once, and extra assignments.


She also says that journalism is a great way for socializing. Partnering up on stories is common and is a good way to reduce the amount of stress on your shoulders. “I love working with someone else on stories. I get really stressed easily. So I think that when you share the work load with someone else, it becomes easier. The two of you can work together and divide what needs to be done, so that not just one of you are doing it all. Some of my best stories such as March Sadness, Students Share Opinions On Inauguration, and Mother’s Day Gift Guide were all partner stories I’ve done. I also got to partner up with someone to do our event story, Katie and I chose Art Day and it was a really cool experience. I’ve also made a lot more friends from journalism.” She says.


Lindsey Benson and Tina Huynh have known each other since fourth grade but became best friends in eighth grade. When asked about Tina’s accomplishments this semester in journalism and on being partner with her, she said, “I enjoy working with Tina. She knows how to get things done and on time. The two of us work better together than by ourselves.” Lindsey states.


Katie Marquardt is also another friend of Tina’s who has partnered up with her many times on stories, she says, “I love working with Tina. She’s a fun person to be around and makes journalism even better! She has a good work ethic and I love getting the opportunity to work with her.



She also says that this class has also helped improve her personality also. She says she became more outgoing from having to interview, and that some of her other personality traits have improved also. “This class really helped me branch out. I got better at my typing skills, I can type a lot faster than I used to be able to. I got better at my researching skills for more independent articles. All around, this class has really helped to improve my skills which I can use for in dept articles such as Charter Schools Coming to Kentucky, The True Cost of Prom Night, and Freshmen Reflect On First Year at Greenwood.”


During the end of her interview, she said this is a class she would highly recommend for anyone looking for an extra class or for anyone looking to  become more outgoing. To check out some more of her stories, check the link below to take a look at her staff profile!






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Tina Says Goodbye to Journalism