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Adulthood Is Not As It Seems

By Alaina Scpioni, Reporter

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When do you become an adult? Many parents agree with the statement, being an adult means having a lot of responsibility, however when you are young and naive it doesn’t feel that way. Everyone has said or will say “I’m old enough I can do it myself,” but can you? We always need someone; sometimes it’s our parents, our friends, our pets, neighbors, or anyone to help us in many different ways. A lot of people use the term “young adult.” What makes an adult an adult? Does it just deal with age? How do you determine when someone becomes an adult?

An adult is multiple things. According to Maggie Mathews being an adult is being mature, taking care of yourself, and not making a lot of dumb decisions even though adults make dumb decisions from time to time. I completely agree with her, being an adult you have to make mature decisions and you aren’t childish in the moments that need to be taken more seriously. Everyone needs a little help every once and awhile but being an adult is being on your own and providing for yourself. Even though adults sometimes mess up and make a wrong choice they still handle it the right way and choose the best option for everyone. Being an adult is more complicated than just being mature, taking care of yourself, and making the right decisions.

To some people as soon as you reach eighteen years of age you are suddenly an adult, but are you? According to Emily Morgan it has much to do with maturity, there are many people who have very important jobs but don’t show much maturity “to me there are not much of an adult.” I agree with Emily, just because you turn eighteen doesn’t necessarily mean you are an adult. Many children have to become adults way before they reach the age of eighteen. Ms. Paris believes there are many different scenarios, she is not wrong many families have different scenarios. Most kids want to grow up way too fast, but some don’t have  a choice. Everyone has their own experiences, some teens have to become the adult when they can’t even take care  of themselves, how are they supposed to take care of others when they can’t even take care of themselves?

Determining when someone is adult is not always an easy decision, but to Mr. Emerson it’s a simple answer. Mr. E  had said ” Well I guess when they strike out on there own when they get out from their parents house and stuff like that and when they start paying their own bills.”  Just because you pay your bills and are out of your parents house, does that make you an adult? I have previously said that I agree that becoming an adult has a lot to do with being mature. It’s not necessarily just about being eighteen, or moving out, because there are so many people who do live on there own, who pay their own bills, and who are eighteen but not all of them are adults, are they? There are some teens who live on their own and where forces to be an adult because of their living situations but if they aren’t mature and can look after themselves are they an adult?

Being an adult is so much more than age, moving out of your parents house, making a living, or even being mature these are simply stepping stones in life everyone goes at their own pace. I am certainly no where close to being an adult, i’m still a kid. I can be mature, I can get a job, I can move out but that still wouldn’t make me an adult it would make me a kid living on her own. If you act the same way as you did years ago have you even “grown up?”

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Adulthood Is Not As It Seems