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Freshmen Reflect On First Year at Greenwood

By Tina Huynh and Lindsey Benson

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The 2016-2017 school year is coming to an end. For seniors, it’s time to graduate. For freshmen, it’s just the first of four years before graduation. The freshmen class all have different opinions on how their first year of high school went. We interviewed some members of the class of 2020 on how their year went and what advice they have for any incoming freshmen as well.

Kelli Bogar was very happy with how her freshmen year went. She believes that it was all mostly a learning experience and is hoping to change some things next year as a sophomore. “My freshmen year was really good because in eighth grade, I didn’t really have many friends, and then I came to high school and I made a lot of friends. I joined a lot of clubs that I never really committed to but that’s okay. I want to do a sport next year. I think being a freshmen you learn a lot about what you should do in the future like join more clubs so you can get the t-shirts, join clubs, make friends with people who are popular, get the right teachers. You know, it was just a learning experience for next year. My freshmen year was good, I just kept to myself.” She said.

Ben Carroll also had a good freshmen year experience, but thinks that with more freedom comes more responsibility. “I think freshmen year went good because you get more freedom. But, that the same time you have to do a lot more work and you have to do more homework than you did in eighth grade. So you just have to be ready to be more independent.” He stated.

Selena Heldic agrees with everyone else that her first year went well, but also says that incoming freshmen shouldn’t be worried. “My freshmen year went by pretty well. I would advise the eighth graders to not be worried because I found my place pretty well, and made friends with upperclassmen. I would just advise the incoming freshmen to not be worried unless you’re snobby then people probably won’t like you.” Selena says.

Owen Mefford says his first year has gone well and enjoys his classes. He also thinks that having expectations isn’t a smart thing to do. “Well I really enjoyed my freshmen year. I’ve had a good time at Greenwood so far, I like all of my classes. Some advice for incoming freshmen is don’t have any expectations. Not that it’s a bad thing or anything. Just be ready for everything.” Owen tells.

Maiah Cisco says that the most important thing about in high school is maintaining a good grades and joining extracurricular. “Really focus on your grades because they will impact you. Try to keep a 4.0, or at least a 3.5. You have to be nice to teachers. I would join clubs to get the full high school experience because it’s really fun.” Maiah says.

William Baxter says his year went well and he became popular quickly. “Once I got used to my freshmen year, everything went well for me. I made lots of new friends and I got popular, which is not all that surprising.” William said.

Overall, freshmen year went well for most of the class. Personally, I think that incoming ninth graders shouldn’t be scared or anything. It may be nerve wracking the first week, but it’ll end up being really fun! Just make sure to join sports and clubs so that you can meet new people. Also, stay dedicated to your schoolwork, don’t slack off. Just have fun!

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Freshmen Reflect On First Year at Greenwood