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Do Neighborhoods Determine Our Social Lives?

By Alaina Scipioni, Reporter

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Why do neighborhoods determine who we are as people? Kali Hansen had said “It depend on the people who live there and how you act.” People are modeled after what we are around.  What you see, hear, and feel shapes you into who you are. Not all people are influenced by neighbors because some don’t have any,or they don’t interact with them. However our parents play a big part in our social life.

Why do our parents income determine the friends we have? The more money our parents make the more friends we have. “…it depends on how much money you have depends on how many friends or the kind of friends you have…” Kali Hansen was right when she had said this. It seems in high school our social lives depends on the friends we have and our friends are determined by the social class our family is in.

Do people with more money get more attention? Jessica Zeller had said yes because “…they flaunt it.” In high school it seems the wealthier the family the more accessories they wear. Also the more money they have the popular they get. Kali Hansen had said ” …people think because you have money you can do more stuff.” but that’s not always true. Yes if you have money you have the opportunity to do more, but you can only do as much as your parents allow.

According to Marcello Teixeira your confidence is revolved around money. “Yes, definitely. I have the self confidence of 17 people.” As a person who is well known for having a lot of money, people expect him to be confident and there is no doubt that he is. However others seem to disagree money does not equal confidence. According to Nadai Drake “…confidence comes from yourself not money.”

Why does the fact that someone doesn’t live the same lifestyle as you matter? Some agree with what Marcello had said,  “This world lives on jealousy.”   Not everyone has the same troubles or the same privileges as you do. People want what people don’t have. However, some people disagree people get what people work for.

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Do Neighborhoods Determine Our Social Lives?