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Legal Fight May Make Kentucky the Only State Without Abortion Clinic

By Emma Jones, Reporter

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Pro-Life and Pro-Choice protesters

A legal fight may soon make Kentucky the only state without a clinic that performs abortions. While abortion is completely legal, it may not be available in Kentucky. E.M.W. Women’s surgical center may soon close its doors. Governor Matt Bevin, a Republican who calls himself “Unapologetically Pro-Life,” has blocked a new Planned Parenthood clinic from being able to perform abortions. His actions have rattled reproductive rights activists.

The number of abortion clinics has been slowly dropping. Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Mississippi, Wyoming, and West Virginia all only have one abortion clinic that performs abortions. Soon Kentucky may have none, which means people will have to travel out of state to get abortions.

Everyone has their own opinions, especially on abortion. “Abortion is a kid that never had a chance to grow up and make something of themselves, the parents never gave them a chance.” says Van Thang. Megan Une agrees with this statement. Other people’s opinions slightly varied.

Of course, everyone has a chance to live life.”

— Megan Une

“Yes I believe it is murder, because you’re killing a baby before he or she has a chance…” says Joseph. Van and Megan agree that abortion is murder. Megan says, “Of course, everyone has a chance to live life.” On the other hand, Brandon Hardcastle disagrees and says that it is not murder.

There are many reasons people have abortions and everyone’s reason will differ. Some may not have the funds to raise a child. Others may not even want children. Why not just give the child up for adoption? Maybe because they don’t want people to ever know that they are pregnant.

So, in conclusion, if the state has one or zero abortion clinics, people will still be angry either want. Pro-Life supporters don’t want abortions to be available, while Pro-Choice supporters want women to be able to exercise their constitutional rights to have one. Although, if there are no abortion clinics available or abortions become illegal, people may find illegal ways to abort their children.


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Legal Fight May Make Kentucky the Only State Without Abortion Clinic