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The True Cost of Prom Night

By Lindsey Benson and Tina Huynh

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Prom night: the one night juniors and seniors look forward to their entire high school career. However, prom isn’t reserved just for the upperclassmen, underclassmen (meaning freshmen and sophomores) are permitted to go as long as their date is an upperclassman. If you plan to go to prom, be prepared to drop a pretty penny on an assortment of items such as: attire, dinner, hair, makeup, shoes, tickets, etc.

One of the longest debates still going on is who really spends the most for prom night? Does the girl or the guy drop the most money for this fairytale night?

Many studies done by different website publications and different companies hoping to benefit from prom spending has found one thing in common; lower income families are planning to spend hundreds more than high income families on prom night. Most people expect this to be the other way around, but apparently not.

Let’s break down the costs of everything needed for one prom night and see who really spends the most for prom night.

Hair and makeup seem simple enough right? Most girls do this themselves, but some girls prefer to have it professionally done. Either it’s because they believe they aren’t good at beauty and hair styling, or it’s simply the easier option and makes them look better, hair and makeup can cost a good amount. The average hair style for a girl’s prom look cost around $65-$80. Other girls also like to get haircuts or dye/color their hair to enhance the look even more. Some spend under this amount, others spend above this amount. Makeup is usually not that expensive seeing how most girls just use products they already have. But, some girls hire a professional makeup artist who usually charge about $50-$100 based on how long, and how many people they’re doing them for. Guys usually get haircuts and use products such as gel or hairspray, which can cost around $30.

Another important part about prom is the boutonniere and corsage. These can cost a good amount, but you can also get some for lower prices. The average cost for a boutonniere is $30-$50. Corsages cost around $35-$50 also.

Jewelry and nails are also another part of prom. Some girls don’t spend any money on jewelry, some just get a piece from their mom or sister as something passed down, or they just wear something they already have. But, jewelry can range from a number of prices. You can get something for as low as $20 to as high as $100. It honestly just depends on brand. Nails can also cost a good amount also. But, this also depends on how you get them done. Most nail services cost $40-50.

Dinner is a huge part of prom, and it’s always debatable as to who should pay. For the longest time, guys are expected to pay for dinner. Dinner depends on what you order and where you go. Some restaurants can cost around $60 or as high as $200.

The wardrobe is probably the most important aspect of prom. Guys usually wear tuxes. Tuxedos can be bought or rented. The average rental for a tuxedo on prom night is about $80-$100. Buying a tux can be more expensive, especially if the guy decides to have it altered. This can make it cost around $150-$200. Bowties and ties are also worn along with the suit. Ties can vary from price to price, depending on designer. The average cost of these are $40-$50. Dresses are known to be highly priced, depending on designer. Dress prices depend on the brand and where they are purchased. Some girls seek to buy less expensive dresses, some as low as $100 or $150. However, some girls are more willing to spend a lot more. More expensive dresses can cost around $500, or even $1,000 dollars.

Overall, prom night can cost families a pretty penny. However, girls are expected to pay more just because they are considered to have more things to get done or buy. But, that’s not the case for everyone. The steep cost can be either worth it in the end, or it could’ve all just went to waste.

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The True Cost of Prom Night