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Seniors Say Goodbye

By Gabby Ramge and Nikki Pearson

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On Saturday May 27th, Greenwood’s Graduation Ceremony will take place at E.A. Diddle Arena at 9:00 in the morning. Our class of 2017, have different opinions of high school. Some will say it’s been the best 4 years of their lives and others will say it was the worst. Some will miss high school and some will be ready to move on. These 7 seniors took the time to tell us about their high school experiences, and their plans for the future.

Zoee Page has attended Greenwood High School for 4 years now and has mixed feelings about Graduation. “It is exciting to start a new journey in my life, but it is also sad to leave people behind”. Zoee will miss her friends and the memories they had made in the past 4 years. She will keep in touch with her friends and will look forward to having high school reunions in the future. Zoee will remember the teachers, playing soccer her freshman year and powder puff during her junior year. However, she will not miss the work or having to ask to go to the bathroom. The hardest class that Zoee had taken was biology during her freshman year. For her senior quote, she had decided on, “If I could do it again, I would do it the same.” High school for Zoee was somewhat like she thought it to be. Zoee plans after high school are to “Have a good summer and then head off to Freed-Hardeman University to major in Psychology.”

Kareem Mitchell has attended Greenwood for 4 years and it was not what he expected it to be like. He is excited about graduation but has mixed feelings about leaving high school. After high school, Kareem plans to attend WKU and major in Business. He will miss the students, the teachers, and the athletics at Greenwood. However, he plans on keeping in touch with his classmates. While at Greenwood Kareem did track and lettered. “Algebra two would have to be the hardest class I took,” he says during an interview. He used a quote from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as his senior quote. “It’s got to be a sin to look this good.”

Cesar Villegas has been at Greenwood for 4 years and says he is in no rush for graduation because he wants to enjoy his senior year. After high school he plans on attending University of Kentucky and majoring in Kinesiology, which is the study of the mechanics of body movements. He will miss high school and two things he will remember about Greenwood is socializing and going to games. During high school Cesar did track and soccer and lettered in both. He says that Mr. Dillingham would have to be his favorite teacher at Greenwood. Cesar uses the quote “Money doesn’t mean anything, but I would rather cry in a Lamborghini than a Chevy,” as his senior quote.

After high school Malcolm Johnson will be playing football for Kentucky Wesleyan and will be going in as undecided of his major. He says he is ready to leave high school but he will miss football, pep rallies and a little of high school in general. While at Greenwood he played football and basketball and did letter in both. He says when leaving high school, he will not miss the teachers but if he had to choose his favorite teacher would be Mrs. Paisley. “High school has been the best four years of my life, but I am ready for graduation.”

Andrew Anthony plans on attending WKU for one year then transferring to Auburn University, and will be majoring in Biology. During his junior and senior year, Andrew ran track and lettered in it. He says track will be what he will miss most about high school. Andrew says the hardest class he took would have to be Dual Credit Psychology. After high school he says he will keep in touch with most of his classmates but will only be staying in Bowling Green for 1 year. “High school has not been as exciting as I thought it would be.”

Zach Finch has been attending Greenwood for 4 years, and he feels graduation can’t come soon enough. He will not miss high school, “It was pretty fun. I wouldn’t do it again, but I enjoyed it.” However, he will remember Mr. Osborne, Mrs. terry and Mr. Foust. He will also remember Coach Howard’s outdoor class, learning spanish, and going to FBLA state. During his high school career, Zach bowled on the bowling team and also lettered in his freshman year. After he graduates, Zach plans on keeping in touch with friends, getting his certificate in Welding and working in the Corvette Factory. For his senior quote, he chose “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

Rosemary Jackson’s plans after high school are to attend Lindsey Wilson College to major in Psychophysiology, which is the study of how the mind and body interact. She plans on staying in Kentucky but not Bowling Green. During her 4 years here at Greenwood, she played Basketball and did track and field lettering in both. Her thought about graduation is “I feel like it couldn’t come sooner.” She will remember not being able to find her classes on the first day of Freshmen year; But most of all she will remember FFA week. She has mixed feelings about leaving high school and will not miss waking up at 7:30am every morning. For her senior quote she choose “My mom told me to tell you…” from Kevin Hart.

As you can see, these seniors have different viewpoints on their high school experiences, and upcoming graduation. They all participated in different curricular activities, and enjoyed some parts of high school. However, some of the seniors didn’t particularly enjoy getting up early for school, or doing the work that came with high school.

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Seniors Say Goodbye