The Talented Caitlin Cook


By Michaela Anderson, Reporter

Freshman Caitlin Cook, who was born and raised in Bowling Green, KY, is what you would call talented. That being said, she’s not only talented but incredibly smart as well.

Cook is known for her piano skills. Having learned how to play back in the second grade, she has spent well over eight years perfecting her skill. According to Cook, perfecting this particular talent took a lot of work. She does a program for her piano teacher and the National Piano Guild. It’s where she has to memorize seven songs and showcase her skills in front of a judge. In fact, the program even takes place this weekend (May 6th). Cook says she’s nervous about performing, but that she has been practicing a lot so she’s confident she’ll do well.

Recently, she played one of her favorite pieces in the Talent Show. The piece, Rustles of Spring by Christopher Sinding, took Cook months to learn. She began learning it back in May 2016. She’s not particularly skilled at playing by ear, but she knows how to play with sheet music. Eventually, she mastered the song and was able to play it without help.

It was really a different experience for me. Working on this one test that only had like 7 questions on it for so long…I felt like I was going crazy towards the end–just writing so much.”

— Caitlin Cook

Though, her piano skills are not the only thing she’s proud of. She was recently accepted into a math camp in Tacoma, Washington. According to Cook, the application process was extremely stressful. The time span to apply had been around two months. In order to get in, Cook had to do a seven question math test. She spent quite a while working on the test–spending at least 20-30 hours on it.

Cook did a lot of math in those two months. Despite this, she wasn’t able to to finish all of the questions. She thought she couldn’t be accepted, but in the end, she was. The camp takes place in June or early July and lasts to the first week of August. She enjoys counting outcomes, probabilities, and possibilities when it comes to math. She also loves Geometry as well.

When asked to give a fun fact about herself, Caitlin didn’t hesitate to answer: “I’m related to a samurai. I did some research on ancestry in Hawaii last summer. I was asking my great aunt about where her family came from. She said that her great grandparents who came to Hawaii from Japan…they were descendants of a samurai family.”

All in all, Caitlin Cook is an extremely interesting person. It’s definitely safe to say that we all anxiously await to witness the next thing she does as we all know it will be something worth our while.