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Social Media Causes Generation to be Narcissistic

By Allison Croslin, Reporter

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You’ve heard all the teen’s social media terms before. Likes, snaps, scores, everything. We never really seem to stop talking about the social media we’re on, but is it making our egos too big? Are the numbers going to our heads?


They most certainly are. Social media has brainwashed us and made us feel like we have to get a lot of likes, or have a lot of streaks to be a ‘popular’ teen. 92% of the United States’ get online, 76% teens use instagram, 70% use Snapchat, and 63% use Twitter.
It’s hard to believe, but there are many teenagers that buy their followers and likes. I know a lot of people who will use apps to gain a lot of followers. According to this generation, if you have over 1,000 followers on Instagram or Twitter, you are considered very popular. Some girls will even delete pictures if they don’t get a lot of likes within the first few minutes of a picture being posted.

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Social Media Causes Generation to be Narcissistic